Advertising Marketing Strategy

Advertising Marketing Strategy
Advertising Marketing Strategy

Marketing efforts are indeed not just promotions or advertise. Marketing is broader than that. However, there are formulas that advertising can be effectively used in marketing activities. In developing marketing strategy and business, necessarily make efforts advertising media to be one of the best options to strengthen aspects of marketing, because the advertising media is media that is very strategic, where its position which can directly communicate with the public at large.

The world of advertising has also pointed out that not enough buyers approached through one type of media but has to go through various intermediaries. The multimedia approach is not only in the advertising of a product but in general marketing activities. It has been proven that repetition through various means are strengthened the message itself. So, our customers easily recognize our products and can cultivate curiosity then customers should try our products.

Marketing Strategy

Advertising in the media themselves, not just talk about how the message get to the recipients, but how that message can be received by the recipient and can stimulate the brain of the recipient to follow the call of those ads. A good advertising medium, should have the following criteria:

  1. Easy to understand and mastered the meaning and purpose of that ad in seconds, so that the ads aren’t either many could make the recipient get bored. Especially the media ads placed on the highway with the vehicle speed is high enough, the reader can only see the hose 3-5 seconds.
  2. Avoid the impression of being too detail, because the detail could make the recipient too confused and difficult to capture the main intent conveyed by commercials, whereas the original purpose of advertising is to build up a message and impression briefly for fishing initial impression and gave birth to recipient’s curiosity by advertising.
  3. One way to focus the attention of the most important, good composition of colors, fonts, positioning, image and others.
  4. If it contains a lot of content, do not deliver content too descriptive, because it will eliminate the impression of intellect.
  5. If the video, adjust the shape between the message you want to convey with artist who became an advertising model, placement of pictures and designs.
  6. Use words easily understood.
  7. Simple and elegant.
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