Bill Gates Background Information

Bill Gates called native William Henry Gates III, born on October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington. Bill a child who is intelligent, but he was too passionate and often have difficulty in school. When he was eleven years old, his parents decided to make changes in himself and sends it to the Lakeside School, a prestigious primary school for boys. On the Lakeside in 1968 that Bill Gates for the first time introduced tothe world of the computer, in the form of teletype machines connected by phone to a computer Division of time. He spent hours made a program, play, and learn about computers.

Since a young age or around 10 years, Bill Gates, according to interviews his father had very rather learn. He’s already finished reading the World Book Encyclopedia of the series start to finish. His parents are very supportive of such a great hobby. They always buy any book that was asked by his son. At the age of 11 years, Gates already active to ask father question business topics to world events. Yes, the mother started to worry because the Gates began to tend to only like struggling with books instead of dealing with others.

At the age of 13 years, Bill study in the exclusive school, Lakeside School. He was known as a very clever student there. Gates ‘ mother and father began to worry because his son looks quickly bored. He was the son of a clever and able to absorb all the lessons well. On the other hand, Bill Gates doesn’t like to being controlled his parents. At a dinner when Gates was a teenager, she told her mother on a pretty rough because of a quarrel. The father ever throw a bottle of drink into the face of his son. He was disappointed the Cubs become recalcitrant.

Bill Gates is one of the most famous names in the technology universe. He founded Microsoft incarnate as the largest software company in the world. The name Bill Gates often crowned as the richest man in the world. In fact, the ride of his life arguably not very smooth where he prefers to drop out from the University.

Bill gates lecture at Harvard University starting in 1975. There he met with Paul Allen while at once. Along with Paul Allen, she developed her talents in making computer programs. But he decided to come out (drop out) from the campus to devote his time to Microsoft. That Bill Gates ‘success story began, through his company called Microsoft.

Bill Gates Background Information

Bill gates had a dream so that each House there is a computer. In 1990, Bill Gates success released the highly successful operating system in the market world. In early 2008, Bill Gates decided to resign from Microsoft Management and concentrate on the work of the Foundation through the generosity of the social establishment, namely Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Through her Foundation, he contributed the funds does little to social activities. That’s what Bill Gates, the richest man who had decided drop out of the campus. His earnings of about US $7.8 billion a year, does that mean he will get a $250 every second.

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