Companies that are admired the world by Fortune magazine

company admired the world
company admired the world by Fortune magazine

Companies that are admired the world by Fortune magazine since 1997 to 2007. Survey was conducted on 10.000 company, including top of 500 global fortune and companies have earnings at least 8 billion dollars America. Nine the criteria used to assess the company admired the world is composed of management, quality products and services, innovation, an investment of long term, echoes financial, human resource’s management, responsibility to the community and the environment, wise in using asset company and the ability to enter the global market.

Fortune Magazine Companies that are admired the world
Fortune Magazine

The first rank company admired the world in the 2007 version Fortune Magazine occupied by general electric. This company has developed, producing and markets various products power station, transmission, distribution, control and empowerment electricity since the company formed in the year 1892. The founder of the company is a Thomas Edison algae.


The product of the company covering household appliances, lights, automation industry, medical equipment, technology and bio science the separation, the control device and the distribution of electricity, a locomotive, power plant, fuel and nuclear power, jet engines commercial and military, equipment chemical and empowerment water, equipment and system security and engineering material, for example plastic and silicon. Business run includes infrastructure, industry, health, NBC universal, commercial finance and consumer finance. This company operating in north America, Europe, Asia and south America.

general elictric Companies that are admired the world
general elictric

At the end of 2006 General Electric have earnings $163,4 billion dollars the united states and they received a score tens of thousands of workers around 316.000 the. Is expected to reach around 161.000 is an employee that existed in the united states. In the year 2007, to impose where the company the bank was led by Jeffrey R. Immett as CEO (Director) .

Company two admired the world in 2007 version Fortune Magazine was Toyota motor corporation. Toyota motor founded in 1933 by Kiichiro Toyoda in japan. On 31 march 2006, Toyota operated by 523 branches and 219 consolidated companies affiliation. Company has three segments business, the automotive, financial services and other business. In the field of automotive, Toyota do design, production and assembling and passenger car sales, a vehicle for sports and recreation, minivans and trucks, and providing spare part and accessories.

toyota motor Companies that are admired the world
toyota motor corporation

In the field of financial services, Toyota provides financial services to a dealer in the number of subscribers to buy or rent of Toyota. In the field of other business, Toyota appears to provide the design and construction of a house and it supports related to a business, includes smart transportation system and e-commerce. Toyota sell vehicle into more than 170 area and state. The main market of japan was Toyota he, north America, Europe and Asian. On 31 march 2006. Toyota earn income on sales of $202,9 billion dollars the united states and have employees as many as 285.977 people. In 2007, the company is led by Katsuaki Watanabe as CEO.

Company third ranked admired the world in 2007 is Procter & Gamble. This company has the hokum in Ohio since 1905. Founded by William James Procter and gamble in 1837. Procter & Gamble focusing on branded products to enhance the lives of consumers around the world . Currently the company has a market for more than 300 brands which was spread over more than 80 the state through market development organization (MDO). These include MDO official retail customers, the commerce and a special team for the state works to build local companies brand in the market. Include seven areas MDO ceremony was organized, which is north America, western Europe, Asian, Latin America, eastern Europe and the middle east African, china and Australian/Indian/ASEAN.

Procter & Gamble Companies that are admired the world
Procter & Gamble

The company was classified into three global business units, namely p&g beauty, p&g family health and p amp the household care &; and g. P&g beauty retail you professional covering of hair care, skin care, feminine care, cosmetics, fine fragrances and personal cleansing. Of hair care are businesses in their own main and feminine care is other major businesses. Brand in its p&g beauty among others Pantene, Wella, to Olay, always and head & shoulders. In its p amp &; and g family health, health care products company offer. In 2007 Procter & Gamble this led by Alan G. Lafley as CEO.

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