Determine Market Segmentation

market segmentation

Market segmentation is a decision to distinguish the different buyers who form the market and develop products and marketing in accordance with each markets. In determining the target market, the seller can use three different approaches to the market, using mass marketing by producing and distributes it with the mass in a product and trying to lure all kinds of buyers. Both, using a variety of one-product marketing and try to lure all kinds of buyers. Third for various products by producing two or more different products.

Market segmentation targeted will make marketing gets better and t have advertising and marketing be expensive. But, advertising it was also offers a return a great as well. According to Taylor (1997), advertising based on the target successful proved highly work for cars Lexus ($169 / cars sold). A chink in the roof focusing the target advertising closer to the groups than individuals also proved highly effective the cost.

determine market segmentation
Segmentation market has a variety of a kind of to target or more specific target marketing, that is as follows:

  1. Geography segmentation is a subdivision of market is geographical units different. For example based on regions, the state, the state of, province, the city and the islands different. Viva declared itself as a cosmetic appropriate to the tropics. So that advertising viva tend to have territories tropical background.
  2. Demographic segmentation is grouping of those markets based on variables income, sex, education, population, age, size of family, the life cycle family, work, religion, race, generation, citizenship and social class. A limousine, Mercedes Benz, the Audi, the Volvo, BMW and Nissan do segmentation demographic based on high incomes. Advertising shampoos clear has segmentation market on the basis of sex man.
  3. Psychography segmentation market is grouping into variable lifestyle, values and personality.Lifestyle indicated by people prominent of social class. Interest in a product influenced by lifestyle, that automatically goods bought by orang-orang was also played a role in shows lifestyle fancy themselves. A company that produces vehicles, cosmetics, cigarette, clothes, drink and furniture always find opportunities in segmentation lifestyle. Toyota Yaris do for example segmentation based on lifestyle groovy.
  4. Behavior segmentation, a group split based on status users, the incident, the use of, status allegiance, the readiness buyers and attitude. The market can grouped into not users, former users, the wearer potential, the wearer first and users of stay off a product. Evian is a brand water quality do segmentation the market in the wearer at the level of the needs of a family every day. Starmon use segmentation based on the incident Eid and Christmas.
  5. Segmentation of the benefits, dividing the market based on the attributes or benefits contained in a product figures last week. The consumer will be looking for the product which it been not able to provide special of the benefits of your physical nature to gratify their real demand. The time of the colony consumers feel more bought a watch, the considerations that were worn maybe the figures for accuracy of, of its resistance to water, the most common feature of weeklies and underscore the fierce, a style of or other benefits was a special phone.

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