Effective Strategic Planning

top effective strategic planning
top effective strategic planning

Strategic Planning is a activity that must be company did to run well and coordinated. According to Erly Suandy in 2001: 2), planning is the process of determining the organizational goals and then present with clear the strategies, inspired tactics and an operation that necessary to achieve its goal company thoroughly. In the formulation of planning, a manager need to answer a couple questions, as the following:

  1. What do you want to accomplish?’
  2. When to reach it?
  3. Where does it reach?
  4. Who achieved it?
  5. Why needs to be achieved?
  6. How to reach it?

top effective strategic planning

After said six questions above, a manager also needs to consider some matter in the implementation, as follows  :

  1. How is the planning process worked?
  2. Materials that need to be processed, so it becomes a variety of plans

After taking into account these two, in determining strategic planning a manager must understand steps that could create a plan, the stages in the planning preparation is as follows:

  1. Identify a problem: find the problems faced by, looking for causes a problem that is there is, then bowl is broken or the. After bowl is broken, then a manager can determine the goals or targets to be achieved.
  2. Gather information: in this case, a manager need to get a lot of information to be relevant and complete, whether it is the result of discussions or read a book.
  3. Analyzes information: information, then processed, calculated, calculated and compared, so that information can be useful in decision making.
  4. Make a choice a plan: in decision-making, required creativity good, in order to facilitate in making choices something good planned. When experienced difficulty in make the choice, needs to be done discussion or discordant advice from various parties.
  5. Choose to plan: in choosing to plan accordingly, a manager need to compare a choice plan, and most appropriate extracted one plan to be implemented.
  6. Determine the sequence of the act of: perform plan in detail and ordered by making questions as much as possible.

After going through the above processes, managers need to know the materials processed in order to be a good plan, as follows:

  1. Something desirable to be a goal
  2. The restrictions on processed provisions are impacted
  3. How to work with methods
  4. The working order becomes a procedure
  5. The use of process time into a schedule
  6. Resources to be a budget
  7. Network process to network order
  8. Something that has been sorted into the program
  9. Something that is standardized

After doing all process above, and that we need to make the strategic planning, strategic planning done to face emerging problems and will cause, and he knows how to benefit from available resources in the future. This will determine a number of things, as follows :

  1. Where are the company would be brought ?
  2. What is the environmental condition?
  3. How can the company get to its destination?

To help answer three questions above, then required SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis is a method of planning for knows the power, weakness, opportunities and the threat in a condition. SWOT analysis cover strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Strategic planning ended with found vision, the mission and strategy.

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