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Marketing is an obligatory for each company to introduce products or services they have. According to the American marketing association, marketing as the planning process and implementation of conception, pricing, promotion and distribution idea, goods and services to create exchange satisfactory the purpose of individuals and the organization.

Turning point marketing located at their needs and wish. Human needs is a state of pain the absence of satisfaction certain basic. People needed clothing, food, house, security, loved, esteemed and actual self to live. Desire is the will of the strong shall specific satisfaction against the needs more in-depth. Americans and Englishmen equally need food, but the desire of they differ. Demand is desire will be a thing supported by an ability and willingness to pay for it.

In marketing, cannot be separated whose name products, the product is everything that can be offered to satisfy a needs and Wis. Customers satisfactory needs and desires through products he wants. The essence of distribution is grades create a customer greater than created by competitors. Value was the estimate customers over all the ability products to satisfy their needs. Value customers can be raised by extending benefits products or lower the price, or union of them.


Coal companies that had previously on the old price of as a weapon to compete for contracts as they, citizen to have the population the strategy the leadership a charge in creating excellence competitive since it creates substantial that can be defended. While the company who uses of the benefits of the of as strategy differentiation in creating excellence competitive since it creates substantial that can be defended.

In the marketing of, customer satisfaction in drinking water was not something she is compulsory to be given. The number of subscribers was satisfaction in drinking water has a feeling of delight or disappointed that a customer receive it to know purpose based on ratios among any products by the hope. If you sell a product, and you shall speak a product of your it like that can be acquired their customers if they are using her and do not ever exaggerate of the benefits of the product GDP figures last week, if it does not accord them with the situation.

In the marketing of well-known for selling the exchange of and the transaction of. The exchange of is action in order to gain a good which it is desired of a person by the offer of something in return. The exchange of could be due to the if any of the two parties are satisfied and where parties each have made deal. The transaction is subject and medium enterprises ranging from trade of two or more parties. In order to achieve kesepekatan in the transactions of, both sides see to it that these benefit one another in accordance what is going to these charges in the future.

Marketing networks is a very important thing in the marketing of, because of an increasing the tissue on which it natural resources as we are , then it would be more there were also a lot we are going to gain customers. In building marketing networks, we have got to build of long term relationships that can satisfy customers via through the parties main, for example in the number of subscribers, of the suppliers, the channeling institution, workers investments for their retirement, a retailer, an advertising agency and the others by greed marketing networks.

The market consisting of potential customers that has particular needs that might be able to and capable of performing the same the exchange of your physical nature to gratify the needs of and the craving and passionate.

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