Marketing Strategy For Leaders, Challengers, Followers, And Market Scatter

Marketing Strategy

The strategy of what strategy is appropriate for the company will depend on whether the company is a market leader, a market Challenger, market follower or market niche tenants. Market leaders interested in developing markets because they are market leaders who control the main market to a product. To expand the market, the market leaders should look for new users, new uses and strive more use by improving the quality of their products.

In the importance of protecting market share, market leaders can use various defense strategies, namely, the position of the Defense side, active defense, attack, and inhibitory action in retaliation. To protect its market, market leader always could make customers feel comfortable when using their products, one of them by providing the best service to their customers.

The company’s sophisticated leaders led the entire market that operates and develops with doing everything correctly and thoroughly, so closing any possible attack from the competition of the market. In addition, the market leader may also try to increase its market share. This strategy can succeed if profitability is rising at a rate of a higher market share and if his actions do not invite a reaction.

Every market leader, then a market Challenger tone aka. A company called Challenger market if they are actively trying to expand its market share with the challenging market leader. As with a massive promo gives to its customers for the sake of getting rid of the market leader. This challenger can choose some strategy attacks such as the frontal attack, attack, attack, attack traffic and besieged guerrilla attacks.

Marketing Strategy leaders market

Frontal attack done by dealing directly with the market leader, which was attacked was the strength of the market leaders, not its weakness. Side attack can be performed by selecting a geographic segment and the weak from the market leader. Typically, market challengers have reliable marketing to see a gap from the weakness of the market leader, and they have a large capital, so this brave Challenger company issued a lot of budget for the cost of marketing them.

After the existence of the challengers of the market there is still a market follower. Followers of the market is the company’s number two in the industry who chose not to strike, but simply follow the course. This is done because of concern it will lose a lot more than he got when he was attacked. Even so, the company also has his strategy’s own followers to stick to survive on the market. Market competency harness retainer especially in order to participate actively in the growth of the market.

In fact, the market often enjoy higher profits than those achieved by the market leader in the industry. This strategy is done by duplicating the products and packaging, follow the product, distribution and promotion of the market leader, as well as adapting the products of market leaders and improve it. Usually followers had limited capital market, but have a good strategy in competition with Challenger and market leader.

The last is a niche market. Niche market strategy is a strategy to be a leader in the market. The strategy of niche markets allow companies with a small market share compared to the overall market can gain a large profit. This strategy is essentially doing specialization towards the geographic specialization, product characteristics, prices and quality, customers specialization , specialty services, specialty wholesalers, specialty orders, products and specialties product line, specialty channels, customer size specialization and vertical specialization .

Any strategy that will be implemented in a company, surely it must also look at the condition of the company, an important company always observant to the problem happens both inside and outside the company.

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