Strategy Determines Positioning Of The Market

Strategy Determines Positioning Of The Market

Positioning Of The Market is the Act of designing the corporate image as well as the value of the offer, so customers in a segment of understand and appreciate the company’s position in relation to competitors. Positioning or targeting of the market will have an effect on the company’s competitors. The company shall examine the position of competitors and decide the best position.

Positioning the target consists of three steps, namely analyzing and recognizing the competitive advantage which might be utilized, for selecting the most appropriate and effective, as well as designing and implementing the strategy of positioning programs marketing to a target that has been set. The company’s product positioning strategies would then allow companies moving to the next step that is planning the marketing strategy for its competitors.

The decision in determining a market position which is to be served is the most business strategy decisions. This strategic choice is implemented by a management decision about how to compete in any product that is in the making. So, the product is made will not experience a loss or not sold, despite problems in its application, the company will have an alternative to keeping the company in order to keep it running.

Positioning Of The Market

Positioning can be grouped into positioning according to value, according to competitors, according to benefits, according to usage, according to users, according to the product category and attribute according.

Positioning according to the value of the product is positioned as a leader in offering the best value. The value of the affected the quality and price. Positioning according to competitors is positioning the product as best in comparison to its competitors. Positioning according to the benefits is positioning the product as a leader in a particular benefit. Positioning according to usage is positioning the product as best in their specific use. According to the positioning attributes is positioning the product based on attributes or properties. And positioning according to product category is positioning the product as a leader in technology. The above is the explanation of the classification of positioning.

There are two factors that affect the choice in positioning, i.e. as follows:

  1. Market maturity stage of the product. At this stage of the introduction of the product there is little direct competition, where competition between products which give alternative to the solving of a problem, because the market products move to the stage of maturation, the opportunities to increase the value of trust products.
  2. The diversity of the needs and desires of the buyer. At the time of the buyer’s needs and desires have similarities across markets, the opportunity for extensive segmentation will be limited. The market is made up of a few end users who suggested the strategy determination as well as the purpose of management.

If the company is able to compete in the meet the wishes of the customer, then the company will be more exist. So that in the determination of product each company is expected to issue a product that does not yet exist in the market, so that market competition, your company will be less and less.

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