Strong Brand Building Strategy

Strong Brand Building Strategy

The brand is a combination of a name, Word, symbol or design that provides the identity of a product and makes the criterion with others. When we go advertising, which advertised is a brand, not a product. Brand role of the economy if the brands are produced en masse, so reaching the scale of economical and successful branding can hamper for competitors who want to introduce the same brand.

From the point of view of the consumer, a trusted brand is the collateral for the consistency of the performance of a product and provide the benefits that consumers wanted when using products of the brand. The brand is also a promise to consumers, that the brand will give you the best quality, comfort, status and other considerations when consumers make purchases.

Brand Building Strategy


The brand consists of a variety of categories, including private brand, specific/individual brand, line/family brand, company brand and combination brand.

Private brand is a brand that was sponsored by distributors, for example on large traders and the retail traders. Private brand allows wholesalers or retail traders gave the prices lower and make it possible to obtain higher profits.

Specific brand is the strategy to provide the brand name on a product that is more specific. Unilever using this strategy on the product Axe to deodorant. Similarly, using P&G Camay bath SOAP for the brand.

Brand product lines is a strategy put a brand name on a product line. Brand-focused product line and provide cost advantages by promoting the product lines from each of the products. This strategy is effective if the company has one or more product lines, each of which contains a connection between the product items. One of the hallmarks of the brand product line is the addition of items of the product can be introduced by empowering brands that have been built.
The company’s brand is the strategy to build brand identity using the company name to identify products produced. Panasonic, Polytron, Sony, IBM, Intel, Nokia, Sharp, Sanyo, Toshiba, Yamaha, Honda, and McDonald’s use of company brands to advertise its products.

Next after knowing the kinds of brands, we will discuss the brand equity. Brand equity based on the consumer’s perspective is the introduction of the consumer over the brand and store them in memory of their association with brands that support, powerful and unique. Brand equity based on the perspective of a consumer consists of brand awareness and brand image.
Brand awareness is the ability of the brand to appear in the minds of consumers when they’re thinking about a product they want and how easy it is that name appears. Brand awareness is a basic dimension in brand, a brand equity has known equity until consumers are aware of the existence of the brand. Brand new must reach the awareness of the brand, then all brands should strive to maintain brand awareness. The level of brand awareness consist of familiar brand as awareness.

Brand image is a kind of association that appeared in the minds of consumers when considering a particular brand. The Association can be appeared in the form of image or thought associated with a brand. This association can be conceptualized by type, support, strength and uniqueness. Types of brand associations include attributes, benefits and attitude. An attribute consists of an attribute-related products such as design, color, size and attributes that are not related to the product, such as price, users and image usage. As for the benefits include benefits of functionally, symbolically benefits and benefits based on experience.

Lastly, improved brand equity is done through the selection of brand name and logo is good, business is most often done through the program of marketing and marketing communications created the Association in order to be mutually supportive, strong and unique in the minds of consumers between the brand and the attributes or benefits.

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